Established in 2001, Beats and Brakes is recognized as a reliable,creative and cost effective production house.We are pro-active in the design and production of musical concerts,television shows,corporate functions and many other specialized commercial production events.

At Beats and Brakes we pride ourselves in providing courteous, personalized service with a firm commitment to quality results.We will cater to your every production requirement,including pro-audio,lighting,karaoke,staging,video,crew services,transport and more.

At Beats and Brakes,our highly experienced staff will develop and implement cost-effective and creative solutions to your events unique challenges,and oversee your project to its sucessful conclusion.Beats and Brakes also supplies high quality production equipment-only rentals,including pro audio,conventional and intelligent lighting,karaoke audio/video setups,staging and A/V equipment for both long and short-term requirements.

Beats and Brakes is also very active in the nightclub installation market,having supplied sound,lighting & karaoke equipment to many local clubs.

Beats and Brakes also offers a complete sales,installation and repair service,as well as audio design and planning , for any type and size of venue.

Our experienced engineers are able to solve all types of installation problems, and can design systems to suit all budgets.If we can not make it sound good, then it did not sound good in the first place!

Our reputation is our future; so we always try to go that extra mile to ensure your event a success. 

Beats and Brakes has provided sound systems at venues and gigs for many years and we understand what configurations work best.We have a range of systemsand can cater from small halls and pubs up to large venues and outdoor events.

Typically we provide everything - Sound Engineer - FOH - 3 monitor systems - mics etc.However if you just want a bass rig, or monitor then we can provide this as well.

We take pride in our work and go the extra mile to make your event shine just the way you want it to.From rigging, lighting and stage rentals to Djs and Christmas Lights, Beats and Brakes can achieve the mood you are looking for at your event. 


We specialize in serving the corporate communications,broadcast industries,ad general productions.In addition,our services include special events,concert,tours,church functions,seminars,conferences,trade shows,sporting events,parties,karaoke nights,corporate affairs and much more.

We have all in-house equipment and highly trained staff and Entertainment for your Corporate Events.

Our goal is to give you the highest quality equipment and service for the lowest price possible.Whether you need complete Organizers for your creative services or simply require audio visual equipment and labor we have what you need.


Our mission is to provide our clientele with the leading edge they desire for success,utilizing our state of the art equipment and unrivaled personnel expertise.

When you need clean and clear sound, Beats and Brakes is your answer.We have all the gear you need to be heard and the staff to run it!

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